Female VS. Male Chromosomes

Society often forces their beliefs, and believes they have a right to determine who you are; this piece shows the emotions of an individual that continuously fights for the validation of his gender. 

Chromosomes are a part of your biological make up, it determines your sex and who you are viewed as in society. However, there are moments in time where you don't truly belong in what you were born into. This piece not only shows the constriction caused by genetic makeup, it also challenges the societal pressure to fit into a certain mould and be a certain way. The left-hand side shows the subject in discomfort, with female chromosomes imposed, while the right hand side shows male chromosomes, with the subject showing confidence and empowerment. The stereotypical use of blue and pink show the different genders, with purple being a fuse of both, a point of confusion and gender dysphoria. The imposition of gender is shown conceptually but is also shown literally through the use of a projector to impose the symbols.

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