"This series explores the emotions, voices, struggles and stories of individuals that have grown to be comfortable with their identity, as well as their gender and sexuality"

I asked members of the LGBTQ+ community to talk to me about themselves; the experiences they faced and the pivotal moments in their life. I took these conversations and photographed each person to reflect intimate points in their journey. Each photograph represents an emotion or time in their life that has led them to become who they are today. The use of triptychs signify the ever-changing nature of life and the growth each person experiences, thus creating a more dimensional view of each subject. Combining the use of colour with conceptual ideas further showed their strong emotions, ranging from passionate reds for anger to soft pastels for acceptance. The unification of colours, along with the careful balance through composition, not only created a visually aesthetic piece of work, it also created one filled with raw emotions and depth.

72 cm x 166 cm

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