Neither Here Nor There  explores the journey of making tangible the lifelong process of finding “home”. Retracing footsteps that were supposed to be, but never were, familiar. The artist seeks to answer what home means to them: location, memory, space, place, culture, archive, understanding... 

Neither Here Nor There encompasses multiple works and mediums, creating a visual journey of the artists’ self-realisation and real-life experience with "home". Traversing the terrain of trying, and failing, to find home their whole life, this body of work specifically focuses on the wandering of the past year. Being based in Baltimore thinking about "home" while being physically separated, being forced to "return home" to Singapore due to Covid-19, and then eventually coming back, appreciating that "home" will forever be a fluid space. This body of work includes immersive video installations, a mixed-media photo book, large scale diptych prints and writing.

Neither Here Nor There represents the complex and meandering path to understanding and navigating "home", and the forever feeling of being in-between.

Below is work under Neither Here Nor There in chronological order: To Walk (installation) Called Home (photo book), To be In Flux (installation), Singapore;  Baltimore (diptychs and prints). Click through to explore each series further.

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